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Shadow Company – – Photos By Nicola Lugo

There are the SOLDIERS IN UNIFORM — the GUYS IN JERSEYS, walking in lockstep, following the rules and the contests — and then there are the SELECT FEW guys behind the guys.


SURFER Magazine | Cover Photo by Nicola Lugo | February 2013 Hurricane Sandy

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Nicola Lugo – SURFER MAGAZINE cover photo February 2013 Hurricane Sandy—> IN THIS ISSUE – HURRICANE SANDY

  • Hell & High Water
    Hurricane Sandy rewrites the record books, and shatters lives.
  • A Place in the Sun
    Dusty Payne emerges from the shadows of injury.
  • The Five Greatest Comebacks of All Time
    According to Matt Warshaw.
  • Return to Form
    Four waves that came back from the dead.
  • The Board that Came Back
    As watercraft, surfboards often take their own trips. Some of those journeys are more dramatic than others.
  • The Middle Ages
    Your best surfing is still ahead of you.
  • Patient Zero
    Aerial surfing is here to stay, but at what price?




Professional surfer and West Palm Beach resident Peter Mendia made the cover* of the February 2013 issue of Surfer Magazine after snagging this massive wave just north of the Palm Beach Inlet on Oct. 29.

The wave was generated by Hurricane Sandy and drew surfers from around the country for the huge swell.

Mendia, 37, had been scheduled to fly to California to meet with one of his sponsors that day, but cancelled the trip to take advantage of the waves.

Mendia, a Cardinal Newman High School alum who has been surfing professionally for 20 years and ridden waves all over the globe, said the waves that day were comparable to waves at Pipeline in Hawaii.

The February 2013 issue of Surfer includes a story about the waves Sandy generated and the unbelievable destruction it caused.


*SURFER Magazine Cover Photo by Nicola Lugo