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South Florida doesn’t always have waves, but when it does, it’s beautiful, and when it doesn’t, you can hop on a plane and be in the Caribbean or Central America by lunch. Which is how Nicola Lugo has established himself as a world-class photographer from this under-represented region. If the barrels don’t come to you, go find them. “I have always been drawn to big tubes and the rawness of the ocean,” he says. “What a different world the ocean is compared to what we’re used to on land. The connection between the surfer and the ocean, it kind of gives you a different perspective on life.”

Date of birth: 3.14.79

Years shooting: 10

Preferred camera equipment: D3s body and fisheye for water. On land, my trusty 300mm 2.8.

Current residence: Lake Worth, Florida

Stomping grounds: South Florida, OBX, Long Branch, New Jersey and Costa Rica

Favorite subjects: Someone who will pull into big barrels day after day

Social: @nicolalugo

Message In A Bottle

Born on March 14, 1979 in a New York City hospital, I grew up in Brooklyn, New York: Coney Island and Sea Gate. My house was on the water in Brooklyn and I could watch the Hudson river flow out underneath the Verrazano bridge to the sea. That was my childhood: visions of a cold beach with dirty water. My mother and family would all spend the summers at our family summer home in northern New Jersey/Longbranch. That house was also on the water which gave me another kind of beach as a playground. I would spend every day fishing swimming riding my boogie and exploring the beach with my brother George and cousins Henry, Jessica and Melissa, inspired and guided by our parents to explore the ocean and all its treasures and magic. Nature was my teacher and I learned to be one with the earth. That was my childhood, and that is what I continually do throughout my life and through the lens. I’m still on the beach, exploring, discovering… I’ve never left. I don’t really see myself ever leaving the beach….

(Photo: Chile © Nicola Lugo)

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